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日本・世界のかごをお届けする、バスケット専門店です。 天然素材からつくられる手仕事のかごを多数取りそろえ、自然と寄り添い文化を伝える、かごのある暮らしをお届けしています。

オンラインショップでの販売に加え、東京都国立市にある実店舗では、日本・世界のさまざまな素材、用途のかごを お手に取ってご覧いただけます。

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とても上手にかご状の巣を編む鳥がいます。英語ではWeaver Bird。 編む鳥、という意味です。 人類ではじめてかごをつくった人は、この鳥たちの仕事をヒントにしたのかもしれません。 そんな想像をしながら、今日も世界中で巣を編むかわいい鳥たちを、「カゴアミドリ」と呼んでみたくなりました。

「世界のかご カゴアミドリ」は、見るだけでも楽しい世界中のかごを紹介しながら、かごのある暮らしの豊かさをおとどけします。 自然の恵みを活用する知恵、親から子へつなげる伝統の技、世界のかご編みの名人たちに敬意を表しながら。


○ 環境へのやさしさ 原料の採取から生産、廃棄まで、自然環境に与えるインパクトが低いこと。再利用できるものも多く、最終的に土に還るものがほとんどです。

○ 使い道はアイデア次第 用途に決まりはなく、日常の様々なシーンで活用できます。

○ 使い込むほどに味わい 適度に手入れをすることにより、長持ちするものがほとんどです。使い込むほどに暮らしになじみ、愛着がわきます。

○ 様々な個性 国や地域、文化によって異なる様々な素材、技法やデザインがあります。作る時期や作り手によっても違いが出るため、一つ一つに表情があります。

○ 文化をつなぐ 多くの地域で作り手が減っており、技術の継承も困難になっています。暮らしにかごを取り入れるということは、失われつつある文化をつなぐ、ひとつの方法なのです。






* About our name - KAGOAMIDORI *

The Weaverbird is one of nature's master artists.  Perhaps the first people to ever weave baskets were influenced by the amazing nests woven by these birds. We named our shop KAGOAMIDORI, which means "Birds that Weave".

It is a respectful tribute to the loving birds that continue to weave everywhere on this earth.

KAGOAMIDORI introduces you to the rich cultures of baskets, and offers new lifestyle choices with baskets.

We have great respect for master basket weavers all over the world. They have the wisdom and ability to make use of nature's gifts, using traditional craftsmanship passed on from one generation to another.

** Wonderful Features of Baskets **

< Low Environmental Impact > From the harvest of the material, to production and disposal, baskets are by nature low impact to the natural environment. Many baskets are re-usable, and most of them are bio-degradable.

< Multi-Purpose, Multi-Use > There is no rule how to make use of baskets! They serve in various needs of our everyday life.

< The more you use them, the more you love them! > Most baskets last long with moderate care. The more you use them, the more they blend into your daily life.

< Every Basket Is Special > Baskets come from a wide variety of materials, techniques and designs depending on the country, region or culture of origin. In addition, seasonal creations from the artisans influence and contribute to the unique character of each basket.

< Keeping the Culture Alive > The population of basket producers is decreasing in many parts of the world. Sustaining traditional techniques and teaching these traditions to future generations is a difficult task. Bringing baskets into your life is one way of keeping basket culture in the world thriving and alive.

*** Mission Statement of KAGOAMIDORI ***

1. To share our appreciation of the functionality and beauty of natural-handmade baskets made all over the world. To share and expose the joy of life accompanied by baskets.

2. To share the knowledge of materials and techniques of baskets differing from country to country, region to region, showing the weavers' wisdom and artistry sustained through many generations. To foster a new awareness of basket culture and education.

3. To support the social actions in the developing countries, and to actively promote fair trade products.

4. To grow and develop our store hand in hand with our customers, who are conscious of the social, cultural and spiritual richness that baskets bring into life, realizing an alternative to mass production and mass consumption.